Who is Elizabeth Susan Carter?

Who is Elizabeth Susan Carter?

The answer to that question is different depending on who you ask.

To some, she’s a photographer whose images encompasses many things. Elizabeth’s visual creations range from the dramatic to the bold, at times even pulsating into the erotic.  Her viewers are presented with a boundless elegance with nods to many of the eras of artistic styles that she admires.

To the perspectives of others, she’s a digital mastermind who works under the Pseudonym Drwatson349.

Elizabeth’s skill set with both digital and graphical enhancements display the raw beauty that she extracts from each and every one of her subjects. Rules are not something she pays mind to when she dives into her artistic endeavors. While at times there are those who may find some of her pieces in ways they would call “incorrect” Such reactions are like music to Elizabeth’s ears, as she is diligent in creating art that is outside of the society’s so called box.

If you were to ask Elizabeth herself, she sees herself as a survivor.

During her childhood, she had endured extreme poverty, addiction, abuse and even violence while growing up in the City of Detroit. When adulthood came knocking, she then fled to t­­­­he city of Chicago to build a better life for herself. After college, Elizabeth spent time in Los Angeles. This is where she enhanced her skillset and started to seriously build her portfolio.  It was while she was on the west coast that she decided to make a serious commitment to her art.

Overall, it’s difficult to put a title on Elizabeth. It is not hard to see why either. She’s the winner of several awards and accolades that have been earned over the years, including the “Johnny Appleseed Photographer of the year” award in 2008. It is easy to see then that what she does is truly unique and that alone makes her stand out among her peers.

During Elizabeth’s career, she’s worked on both sides of the camera, both as a model and a photographer. This granted her artwork a level of depth and style that’s both raw and introspective.

This combination has given her a perspective that gives her work power. Bringing out the best in beauty, sophistication, and sensualism that few can match. Elizabeth is someone who understands and has great respect for the beauty and majesty of the past; harkening back to a time that recollects imagery that pays homage to the pinups of the fifties, the jazz beauties of the twenties and a new found obsession for the rich history of both deco and nouveau.

As an up and coming artist who’s quickly gaining both the acclaim and attention that comes towards her art, Elizabeth’s skill and time have quickly become in high demand.

Currently based in Chicago, Illinois, she’s not above helping others who feel that she can bring a unique perspective to a project. She’s worked not only as a photographer, but also a photo assistant, stylist and even an art director. This is just to listing a few of the creative positions she has filled over the years.

Elizabeth knows no job is too big or small when building a creative team, especially when she is helping other creatives turn their ideas into visual realities.

For people who love power and elegance she is always interested in discussing new ideas and has traveled extensively throughout the Midwest for various projects.

Elizabeth is accepting select commissions as a consultant for Photography, Design and even Social Media Marketing.

When you are in need of creative assistance, she can be contacted via her website.