Pop Art ~ Explained

I have had a few people ask me how this Image came to be

Without writing a novel, here’s a short explanation of the process behind my pop art princess
The model was a photograph of a woman in a short white dress, could of been a wedding dress. I found this photo on the stock art site Pixabay ~ I will track down the original photographers name to give him credit

I took this photo into a program called Photoshop along with several clips of newspaper that had been scanned into the computer.

After that, it’s a little hard to explain what I did, when I edit I go into a “Zone”

The best I can explain it, this is a collage of a photograph, newspaper along with the aid of the painting, layer patterns and texture tools in Photoshop.

The boarder was taken from a sign graphic from a graphic design website I subscribed to

Its pretty amazing what you can do with the layers in Photoshop once you learn how to control the textures and patterns

You can find free add on textures and patterns for Photoshop all over the web, some are even free

I will do a future post on how to make your own textures, patterns and even brushes

It is actually very easy!

I have and make my my own both textures and patterns, some of these are are ones I’ve found online, others are ones I’ve made

If any one knows a way I can add downloads to this blog, I’ll be more than happy to to make a custom set of Photoshop add-ons for those who read my blog

I’m currently working on a Route 66 themed set of Photoshop Patterns

I realize this was not a exact answer on how my pop art was made, but I hope that helps 

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section ~ I’m more than happy to share my working process with others 💙
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